Memorial Day | Got My Red Dress On

First and foremost, happy Memorial Day.  I think it’s sometimes too easy to forget that we celebrate this holiday in remembrance of those brave men (and women) who have lost their lives in service to our country.  I recall many years back, during my first trip to the UK, my husband took me to visit an American Cemetery on the outskirts of Cambridge.  It was a vast expanse of gravestones dedicated to American soldiers who had died overseas during WWII. We visited during the peak of summer, on an absolutely beautiful sunny skies kind of day.  We were the only people there for miles, wandering between rows and rows of gravestones amidst the rolling greens hills.  It was incredibly peaceful but also sad.  These were the men who never made it home, buried in a foreign land.  Yet it’s oddly comforting that we commemorate this holiday with backyard barbecues amongst family and friends.  It’s often nicer to pay your respects on a happy note than a somber one, hence the tradition continues.

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I’m a bit overdressed for a backyard barbecue in this flowing red dress.  In reality, I wore it for a special event with hubby.  I chose to style it simply with neutral accessories because the dress packs a punch all on its own.  The most amazing thing about this dress is although it’s a maxi, the length is on the shorter side, so no hemming was necessary.  Unfortunately it’s sold out, but I linked several other equally stunning (all under $200) red dresses below.  Thanks for reading and hope you’ve had a relaxing holiday weekend.



Morgan & Co / Free People / House Of Harlow


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