Watch Me On ClosetSpace!

I made a video for the lovely folks over at ClosetSpace where I spill all my tips for styling jewelry.  Check out the full post here and shop all my top jewelry picks (can you say statement necklace?!).

Also, let me know if you guys think I should start making more videos.  Xo

7 thoughts on “Watch Me On ClosetSpace!

  1. You gave fantastic advice on how to accessorize! I especially love the mixing metals tip. It for sure adds interest, as you mention. Thanks for explaining how the necklace style makes a big difference in how it accentuates your features! Have a good one, doll! xo- Danielle

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      • I think you may be right about the shepherd part; he certainly has the coloring of a German shepherd. His facial features, body shape and his mannerisms are very much wolfhound, though. He’s a mix and may even have terrier in him. I would love to get a DNA test for him so I could know for sure. But it sounds like you know what it’s like to have a furry partner in crime! xo – Danielle


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