In Support of Conscious Non-Monogamy

I recently watched this video produced by Refinery29, titled “What Being In A Polyamorous Relationship Is Like”. I follow Refinery29 and the video happened to pop up in my Facebook feed. I scroll past a lot of rubbish on Facebook, but this title caught my attention because I’m a proponent of polyamory and was curious about the content of the video. Although the material could’ve been presented in a more mature and informed fashion, I think the topic itself is relevant, and I’m glad someone is tackling these controversial subjects. The reality is I don’t often talk about what I believe because I realize a lot of my opinions might be unpopular or frowned upon. It’s taken me a long time to get to a place where I’m comfortable with my authentic voice. As a child I was aware that my thoughts and feelings did not exactly align with the world around me and I often felt like an outsider. In elementary school I had very few friends, and was bullied by the other children to an alarming degree. I dreaded going to school and felt a tremendous amount of angst around not fitting in. By the time middle school rolled around I started dabbling in drugs (for a variety of reasons) but the feeling of being on the fringes was definitely one of them. Somewhere along the way, after facing numerous challenges in my teen years, I decided I needed to get my life “on track” and I mistakenly equated “on track” with conformity. There’s a lot more to this story but for now I want to focus on the concept of polyamory, and since I’m not a fan of the connotations this might stir up, I’d like to employ the term “conscious non-monogamy”. For me this is not a trend, as Refinery29 spins it in their infomercial.

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Getting Pampered With Arbonne

First of all, I’d like to apologize to my lovely friend Josie for the extreme delay in this post. Towards the end of my pregnancy she sent an absolutely giant box of products for me to try and I’m sooooo appreciative. I’m a big fan of Arbonne because their products are botanically based and cruelty free, not to mention effective!  Of everything she sent, I have to admit I love the baby line most of all…

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My Pregnancy Survival Kit

Just last week I posted a travel packing survival guide via Urban Darling.  It was the first in a stylish series to gear people up for summer vacation.  I had so much fun sharing my tips that it inspired me to create this pregnancy survival guide.  Not to mention, I have several friends who are pregnant (or trying to get pregnant) right now, so I figured this post might come in handy.  I’m now over halfway through this crazy pregnancy and this is what’s worked for me along the way.  Note that none of these companies are paying me and this is NOT an ad, it’s my honest input and advice.

Olly Essential Prenatal Vitamins: Almost immediately upon discovering I was pregnant, my husband insisted we pick up some prenatal vitamins.  I was so clueless about pregnancy that the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind.  I’m not a fan of vitamins in general, because I tend to to eat well (isn’t that enough?), and I hate swallowing horse pills.  I was so glad when we popped into Target and I discovered these tasty chewable prenatals.  Instead of a disgusting horse pill I get a sweet little treat after breakfast every morning.  They were approved by my OB as well, so I know baby is getting what she needs.16821442 Continue reading