Getting Pampered With Arbonne

First of all, I’d like to apologize to my lovely friend Josie for the extreme delay in this post. Towards the end of my pregnancy she sent an absolutely giant box of products for me to try and I’m sooooo appreciative. I’m a big fan of Arbonne because their products are botanically based and cruelty free, not to mention effective!  Of everything she sent, I have to admit I love the baby line most of all…

img_4178BABY CARE: I’ve been using these products on my daughter since her first bath (minus the sunscreen which should never be applied on babies younger than 6 months). They are very gentle and lightly scented. The body wash is bubbly and gets her clean without stripping her skin.  The lotion is lightweight and hydrating without feeling sticky.  The diaper rash cream isn’t a staple in my case as Bianca isn’t prone to rashes, but it’s good to have on hand nonetheless. And I honestly can’t wait to try the sunscreen come summer…it will be perfect timing as I plan to get her in the pool as soon as the water is warm enough.  The best part is that a little goes a long way with these products – I haven’t even run out yet and I’ve been using them for months!  Love this line and I’d be happy to keep using it.

img_4183FC5: FC5 is a deliciously hydrating fresh fruit product line, and let me tell you it smells yummy.  They use special technology to procure all kinds of fruit extracts.  The products are super refreshing and evoke feelings of a tropical vacation.  These are so nice that my hubby has stolen one of the lotions and I doubt I’ll ever see it again.

img_4179RE9 ADVANCED: This line promotes smooth, youthful skin with vitamins and antioxidants.  It has a subtle citrus scent and is a great choice for anyone who desires natural, effective anti-aging products.  I really like the luxurious firming body cream.

On a side note, my hands-down favorite Arbonne product is the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads. It’s not cheap, but honest to god it works wonders and leaves your face so clear and smooth!  As much as I love Arbonne, I’m not the expert, so if you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to Josie directly.  She’s a total sweetie and would be happy to help.  And also let me know if you’d like to try the products for yourself…I might host a giveaway sometime soon.

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