The Little Black Jumpsuit


I’m not a huge fan of jumpsuits and rompers.  They don’t necessarily suit every body type and (in my case) the proportions are hard to pull off if you’re petite.  Every once in a while I spot a jumpsuit I like, but when I try it on it’s always too long through the torso and the legs.  Then a few months back I stumbled upon a brand new store while hitting the outlet malls during a road trip.  Agaci is trendy and inexpensive, and probably meant for teenagers and 20 something’s, but because I’m petite a juniors fit often works for me.  I spotted this chic little jumpsuit, and much to my surprise, when I tried it on it fit perfectly.  It didn’t even need a hem!  At only $30 the price was right, so I scooped it up and the rest is history.  Of course I prefer to wear it with a belt for added waist emphasis (a good idea no matter your body type).  And heels are a must unless you’re long legged…I suggest a pop of color versus black with black (which is much too boring)!  This doesn’t mean I plan to go jumpsuit crazy, but I am happy with this one purchase.  What about you…love em or hate em?  Let me know in the comments!

Photography by Jessica Kircher

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