CRAP Eyewear Is On Sale Right Now!!

You may have noticed that I wear my CRAP Eyewear “Diamond Brunch” sunnies ALL THE TIME.  This particular pair was a gift from hubby earlier this year.  I looooove the shape of them and I swear they go with everything.  They look fab with edgier outfits and ladylike outfits, and the black and white colorway is the icing on the cake (though they do come in other colors too).  I’m obsessed to the point where I wear them more often than my Dolces and my Pradas.  They are already super affordable at around $60 retail, and right now most colors are on sale via  In fact, they’re having a summer sale, and many styles are 50% off.  Since I love this pair so much, I ordered another style, the “Saloma Tropic” in light pink.  The Salomas also look AWESOME and I can’t wait to try them out.

CRAP is a local LA brand, and I’m always happy to support up and coming local brands. The only drawback to ordering from their site is that all sales are final, so you can’t return if something doesn’t work out.  Regarding fit, I will say my Diamond Brunch sunnies fit perfectly, and I have an average size head (lol).  But seriously, you know how some sunglasses can be too snug or too loose? These are just right so I’d say they fit right in the middle.  If you’re really concerned, you can always order them via Nordstrom instead, where you can return them no problem if necessary!

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