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Let’s face it – life is busy in the world today.  Monday is manic and Friday is Fri-Yay.  We’re all on overdrive, and come the weekend, I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to lounge in your PJ’s all day, or run errands in your gym clothes.  On particularly packed-out days, even I’m guilty of workout wear errand running.  BUT I don’t usually feel good about it.  There’s something to be said for looking nice, even when engaging in commonplace activities like grocery shopping.  For a night out, I’m all about getting glammed up.  But a simple Saturday calls for a dose of comfy and cool.  All sumer long this would’ve looked like a breezy sundress, but now that Fall is (sloooooowly) trickling in, I’ve resurrected everyone’s favorite wardrobe staple – the black legging.

And since I’ve mentioned it, for the record, I’d like to settle the “Are leggings pants?” debate once and for all.  As a professional stylist, I feel I have the authority to weigh in on this issue, (and it’s a question I answer for clients all the time).  Whether you can wear your leggings as pants depends on two basic factors – fabric and fit.  1. Fabric: How thick is the fabric?  How sturdy is it?  If it’s in the least bit sheer, then NO your leggings are not pants.  If it’s so thin that we can see every detail of every lump and bump, then NO your leggings are not pants.  2. Fit: Are your leggings practically painted on?  If they suction to your skin like tights and we can see the outline of your thong, then NO your leggings are not pants.  I’m saying this because I’ve seen women out in public, in broad daylight, walking around in see-through leggings, and leggings where yes I can see the outline of their dental floss undies.  But let me be clear – when I see this, I am NOT judging the individual.  I don’t know anything about the stranger in her see-through leggings, and I really don’t care what she’s up to because it has nothing to do with me.  She can wear whatever she wants.  I’m simply stating that I don’t consider her leggings to qualify as pants.  To be pants, they need to provide appropriate coverage.

Sooooo, for this particular look, the leggings I’m wearing are a thicker ponte fabric with a tiny flare at the bottom.  I bought them more for layering with sweaters and booties, but it’s not that cold yet in So Cal.  Instead, last weekend I wore them with a pretty blue ikat print blouse by Rachel Roy.  I love the way this blouse splits open on the sides, and it’s slightly longer in the back.  Interesting silhouettes always attract my eye.  I layered the blouse with one of my favorite long statement necklaces, and added a fun mixed-metal cuff to the mix.  The color-block structured handbag is also Rachel Roy, and the black gladiators, by Report, are my hands-down favorite summer sandals.  This look is way easy to throw together, and yet looks pulled-together.  I’d love to know how all of you dress up your leggings for a cute weekend look – so share with me in the comments!!


Blouse: Rachel Roy (similar here & here) / Leggings: H&M (here) / Sandals: Report Signature (similar here & here) / Necklace: Macy’s (similar here & here) / Cuff: Macy’s (similar here & here) / Handbag: Rachel Roy (similar here & here)

Photography by Jessica Kircher

3 thoughts on “Casual Cool | Weekend Vibes

    • LOL I hope the leggings thing doesn’t sound harsh! I really don’t judge people for what they wear…but it’s one of those never-ending debates, so I wanted to chime in. And I’m glad you agree…I think it’s what any stylist would say :))


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