Winter Wedding | Congrats To Purely Jessica

I first met my good friend Jessica a few years back when I was looking for an assistant to help out with day-to-day fashion tasks (as well as Urban Darling tasks).  She was a recent fashion school grad who applied to one of my job postings, and I liked her right away.  She was a bit shy and quiet, but very sweet, and I knew we would get along well.  While I’ve always been more interested in design and styling, she’s a talented seamstress who makes most of her clothes by hand.  She also has a great eye for photography, and takes most of my blog photos.  When I was married exactly a year ago this month (on Dec. 27th) I even asked her to do my wedding photos.  It was a very small, intimate ceremony, and I didn’t want to make a lot of fuss by hiring a professional.  Jessica was there with me through the whole process – as I got ready right through to the end of the event, and I think the photos turned out wonderfully.


Then, early this year, she herself got engaged to her high school sweetheart, Travis.  They’ve been together a long time, and she’s talked about him a lot over the years.  Although I’ve only met Travis a few times, I’ve always felt a personal connection to him because we share the same birthday.  He’s just as sweet as Jessica, but a little bit loud and boisterous – basically more like me!  I’m convinced that the two personalities complement one another, as my hubby is also the quite type.  This past Sunday, I attended her wedding in Riverside.  The venue was a quaint historic brick building in the heart of downtown.  The room was nicely decorated for the occasion, but I was most excited to see Jessica’s dress, as of course, she made it herself (and the bridesmaid dresses too)!  Jessica is a huge Harry Potter nerd btw, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear the twinkle of Potter music as she began her walk down the aisle.  She looked lovely and the whole/ceremony reception was wayyyy enjoyable – traditional with a twist, and a bit more relaxed than your average wedding.


Doesn’t Jess look sooooo pretty?!  Of course I can’t do a wedding post without sharing my outfit as well 🙂  On off days my personal style is fairly casual, but I love any excuse to dress up.  I have soooooo much stuff that there was no need to buy anything new to create this winter wedding look.  I had the dress in mind for weeks, because it’s perfect for a low-key evening wedding, and the color/style complements a winter event.  I’ve only worn it once before – to a magic show in Beverly Hills a few years back, also in the month of December.  This time I accessorized it a bit differently though.  Actually, everything is different, from the shoes to the bag to the jewelry, and even the belt.  For some, the accessories might be a bit much, but I am personally NOT a minimalist.  I have nothing against “less is more”, and for some people I think it works, but as a personal choice I find it a bit boring.  I feel naked without accessories – especially a great statement necklace!!!

IMG_0591IMG_0593 2IMG_0554IMG_0613

All of these items are OLD, so I haven’t linked them up.  (But if you have any questions about a particular item LMK!)

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