San Diego Resort Retreat

For those of you who don’t know, my hubby has the best job in the world. He’s a chemistry professor, and also department chair of one of the top chemistry departments in the country.  Pomona College is small, elite, and very well endowed.  The college goes above and beyond to ensure the happiness and well-being of its faculty.  Among the many benefits of being a Pomona professor is the uber posh Trustee-Faculty Retreat, which occurs every three years.  On this occasion, Pomona hosts a weekend long gathering at one of many beautiful resorts across southern California.  (The last retreat took place in Palm Springs.)  One amazing aspect of the retreat is that families of professors are also invited to partake and enjoy – and obviously everything is covered by the college – so it’s a truly carefree weekend.  This year, the retreat was held at the absolutely charming Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego.  This little “inn” is actually a sprawling mediterranean paradise, with beautifully landscaped grounds and a warm inviting feel.




We arrived and checked into a cozy room with a patio overlooking the pool.  As soon as Bianca noticed other children swimming she freaked out and wanted to go too.  Unfortunately it was a cold weekend and also a bit rainy so I didn’t even think to bring our swimsuits.  Plus we only had a few hours before the opening night dinner so instead we walked around and explored the resort.  The college provided childcare all weekend, which was amazing, and meant that we were able to drop Bianca off with sitters while we enjoyed the evening festivities!


We took advantage again the next morning, and left Bianca in childcare while we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel cafe and then wandered the grounds – including a short respite at the spa.  Everyone crashed out in the afternoon for a nap (which was much needed as I barely ever get to rest)!  Then we got ready for the second night’s dinner, which included a speech from a Pulitzer Prize winning Pomona alumn.


I had really hoped to don a colorful spring wardrobe for this trip as I’ve been dressing in sweaters and boots since we left for Europe last November.  However, we caught the tail end of winter so everyone was a bit more bundled (at least by California standards).  Good thing I have plenty of options for myself and for Bianca. Bianca’s entire weekend wardrobe is from one of my favorite children’s stores, Janie And Jack, except of course for her little Nikes which I scooped up at Nordstrom.  Everyone had a great time. Bianca got to run around and explore, and for me it was a short break from the daily grind.  A big THANK YOU to the college for providing these lovely retreats, not just for faculty but their families as well.  I look forward to the next one in another three years.

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