Hi, my name is Luisa Lucia.  I’m a So Cal based wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger.  I’m also the Creative Director at Urban Darling, a multifaceted personal styling resource.  After several years of blogging for Urban Darling (and other fashion sites), I decided to branch out and start my own blog.  I wanted something to call my own, and I like the idea of a fashion blog that teaches, not just shows. Hence, all of my posts feature wardrobe advice and style tips to complement the visual fix.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you stick around for a while!

7 Questions…

Where are you located?

I live in the eastern suburbs outside LA at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  The area is known as the Inland Empire and the exact city is Upland.  Upland sits at the base of the tallest peak in southern California – Mount San Antonio (commonly referred to as Mount Baldy).  I can see the mountain perfectly from my doorstep and it’s only a 20 minute drive to the ski slopes when winter comes around.  This area is rich with history as all the land was once citrus groves and vineyards.  We still have a lot of small farm stands and local wineries nearby…and tons of interesting historic properties.  It’s a great location to shoot posts as there are so many unique backdrops and the landscape/foliage is breathtaking. I enjoy incorporating my surroundings into my posts…the beauty of nature is undeniable!

What’s your style philosophy?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!  I’m a firm believer in self expression through fashion.  Although I like to keep up on what’s trending, I put a unique twist on everything. I’m definitely NOT into looking like everyone else…I’d rather experiment and have fun.  Most importantly, I dress to flatter my body and suit my personality.  Those are my primary concerns for both myself and my clients.

A lot of bloggers wear tons of designer merch that I can’t actually afford.  It might look AMAZE but that’s not realistic for my budget. So where do you like to shop?  

Designer fashion is nice, but I agree that it’s not always realistic.  Even for the majority of my clients, who PAY for styling services, they still prefer to shop at Banana Republic versus Barneys.  I believe it’s good to have an investment piece here and there, but I supplement with lots of affordable fashion items. My favorite department stores are Macy’s (great sales and coupons) and Nordstrom (top notch customer service).  I’m not a fan of super cheap knock-off stores like F21, but I do favor mainstream and bridge designers (anything from Free People and Topshop to BCBG and DVF).  Plus a lot of lesser-known labels that you can find online at stores like Revolve.

Who are your personal favorite bloggers?
That’s easy…
  1. Sazan Hendrix (www.sazan.me)  I love her goofy, down to earth personality and I think she’s absolutely stunning.
  2. Elizabeth Keene (www.akeenesenseofstyle.com) Her style is soooo ladylike and pulled together.  I’m super into the aesthetic and love that her look is so well defined.
  3. Evelina Barry (www.evelinasfashioncafe.com)  She’s pretty and petite and a little bit edgy…I probably relate to her style most out of the three.
When it comes to your blog, who takes your photos?

I’m so fortunate to be working with the beautiful and talented Brittni Moten – a close friend a professional photographer.  Prior to finding Brittni, most of my photos were taken by fellow fashionista Jessica Kircher.

You look pretty tiny, so how tall are you?  

I’m ridiculously short – 5 feet on the dot (and just about 100 lbs).  I try to shop petites whenever possible, or otherwise I have things tailored (and heels, lots of heels)!

What’s one thing we don’t know about you?
I’m very health conscious and have been committed to vegetarianism since childhood.  No one in my family is veg, but as soon as I was old enough to realize that what I was eating was an animal, I freaked out and said NO thank you!  I pretty much live off of quinoa, veggies, fruit smoothies, and coffee.  Though baked goods are my weakness – I could eat chocolate chip cookies everyday.

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