A Jungle Paradise With Farm Rio

Just a quick note to say I’m so excited to have found a snazzy new blog photographer! (Check him out at www.zachtaliesin.com.) For quite a while my life was in turmoil and I couldn’t even contemplate the idea of blogging, but I’ve recently turned a corner and feel ready to dive back into the things I love. Expressing myself through fashion has always felt natural, even as a child, it was something that flowed through me. When I was small I would spend hours drawing and painting. Art was how I self-soothed. The process of creation is a form of therapy, and for me, producing beautiful images via the synergy of fashion and nature is so incredibly satisfying. If you look back, most of my posts incorporate trees, flowers, and as much nature as possible giving my suburban locale. Which leads me to point out the pretty little skirt I’m wearing in these photos. It’s designed by a Brazilian brand called Farm Rio, and their garments are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING (if you like bright colors and prints). I’ve never seen anything like it. If they weren’t so pricey (though totally worth it) I’d probably order everything off their website. As is stands I purchased a few items because I simply couldn’t help myself. The best part is they are eco-conscious and carbon neutral. For every item you buy they plant a tree in the Amazon. I’m all for eco brands, though they often come with a higher price tag. Someone has to be willing to support the cause, and I’m happy to oblige.

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Wanderlust: Palm Desert

IMG_1190 If there’s one thing I love almost as much as fashion, it’s traveling.  I absolutely adore the excitement of an adventure – whether it’s visiting someplace new, or returning to a favorite destination.  I think I inherited the travel bug from my dad, who was born in Italy and traveled the globe before settling in the US and starting a family.  He’s been to every continent including Antarctica!!  I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I do have some exciting trips on the schedule for this year, which brings me to this post.  I was just in Palm Desert last weekend.  My hubby had a work retreat – the type where spouses are welcomed – so I totally took advantage.  They booked us a suite at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa, and I spent the weekend stuffing my face with free food and relaxing in the desert sun. IMG_1167IMG_1159IMG_1201IMG_1193IMG_1163IMG_1243IMG_1217 The grounds at the hotel were absolutely lovely, with beautiful desert foliage galore.  Our room was also super swanky and reminiscent of Palm Springs in the 60’s with deco furniture and a step-down sunken living room.  Meals and drinks were comped all weekend courtesy of my hubby’s employer, so I went all out with the wine, cheese, coffee, and deserts! Friday night (arrival in paradise)… IMG_0989IMG_1004IMG_1009IMG_1038IMG_1069 Saturday morning (attending very official work events)…IMG_1174IMG_1128IMG_1147IMG_1161 Saturday night (after lots of wine and great conversation)…IMG_1219IMG_1212IMG_1237 The Palm Springs area is one of my favorite local destinations.  It’s just a short road trip by car, the weather is always lovely, and the environment is picturesque pretty.  I like getting dolled up resort style for trips to Palm Springs, so wardrobe is always a consideration!  My outfits definitely had an impact because loads of hubby’s colleagues were asking for style advice 🙂 IMG_1188IMG_1183 We did attempt an afternoon hike not far from the hotel, mainly because I felt horrible for eating so much, but also because we do like hiking.  Unfortunately, the wind was crazy fierce in the canyon where we were walking, so I didn’t last long with mounds of dust getting blown up into my face – I had a MAJOR (but thankfully short lived) allergy attack, with snot and tears dripping down my face.  It was NOT cute, though the surroundings were beautiful. IMG_1247IMG_1245 On the last day it started to rain, which is essentially unheard of out in the desert, duh!  But I can’t complain because everyone knows So Cal needs the water.  Before hitting the road, we stopped for brunch at the renowned Wilma & Frieda’s Cafe, and even though we had to wait an hour to be seated, it was well worth it.  I had a plate of veggie soy-rizo, which was super yum, but the nutter butter cookie probably did me in.  Wayyyy too much food for a tiny person, because I literally finished the cookie as well as my meal and was queasy the rest of the day.  (I tend to overeat when on vacation, can you tell?) Other than the slight over-indulgence, I had an absolutely fabulous time, lol.  Let me know what you think about this travel post!!  If you like it, I can back track and post about my trip to Yosemite in January, which was also a lot of fun.  PLUS, I’m heading off to London next week and will definitely do a recap of that trip upon my return.   Annnnd I have more fabulous destinations coming up later this year, including Florida in May.  Happy Friday!!  Xxo