The Attitude Of Gratitude

In last week’s post I talked about how important it is to prioritize “me time” as a mom.  I believe self-care is critical to survival, even more so when you have the added responsibility of children.  Self-care is not selfish, but just like everything in life there’s a flip side.  Say I want to take a Saturday morning yoga class, or treat myself to a hot stone massage as part of my wellness routine. These little luxuries (which were taken for granted pre-baby) are not always easy to achieve.  If I’m gone for an hour or two who’s watching my daughter?  Fortunately my husband is very hands-on and doesn’t mind hanging with our little one if I need some quiet time.  On a Saturday morning he could easily say (as I know some men do) sorry I worked all week long and I’m tired so it’s my time to rest.  But instead he steps up.  And this is where gratitude enters the picture…


For many years I contemplated this word without really understanding its value.  But over time I’ve come to realize that gratitude is about being appreciative for what you do have and for the little things that other people do for you.  It’s about training your mind to focus on the positive and to stop obsessing over what’s lacking.  I’m grateful for having a comfortable house and great neighbors I can rely on.  I’m grateful for my mother who plays an active role with her granddaughter. I’m grateful for my husband who recognizes the hard work I do as a stay-at-home-mom.  I could fixate on the fact that I don’t have the luxurious closet of my dreams, or that my mother isn’t nearby to help out more often, or that I never really wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom in the first place.  But instead I choose to acknowledge my blessings.  I’m not saying it’s easy to think this way, but I do believe it helps shift your mindset. Focusing on the positive and showing appreciation molds you into a happier person. To be honest I’m not that good at it yet, and I admire those of you who embody the spirit of gratitude.


The topic of this post is timely given that Thanksgiving is around the corner…and it wasn’t even planned that way.  To top it off, I think this gorgeous cowl-neck slip dress is a great choice if you’re planning to dress up for Thanksgiving dinner.  I love the earthy tones and animal print is a big fall trend.  I chose to add a harness belt for waist emphasis because it works better with my curves.  Plus I love a bit of edge to spice up a look.  (I’m usually an XS and bought this dress in an XXS in case you’re wondering about the sizing.)



Dress (exact) / Harness / Shoes

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