Happy Halloween | Costume Idea + Throwback

Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays.  Growing up in a warm climate (South Florida) and now living in another warm climate, we don’t really “feel” the fall until late October.  In fact, like clockwork, the weather has just begun to turn cool.  So Halloween for me has always marked a change in seasons…a time when the hot summer sun finally lets up to cooler days.  Of course I love the spooky element, and the dress up element, and the fact that everyone seems to take it so seriously.  Halloween is one of those holidays where grownups get to act like kids.  (For my hubby it’s an excuse to munch on candy all week until the trick-or-treaters come and clean us out.)  I usually like to have something planned for the occasion, but unfortunately, this year my little (big) doggy isn’t well.  She just had major knee surgery and needs constant attention, so we can’t actually leave her for the night.  Instead we’ll probably sit outside on the front porch handing out candy, with our little baby resting on her bed nearby. Nonetheless, I got to thinking what I would wear in case I do feel like dressing up.  Since I didn’t plan a costume in advance, I wanted to pull something from my existing wardrobe, and I immediately thought of the pretty pink tutu dress I scooped up at BCBG some years back.  It’s sweet and simple and very much like a tutu except it’s an actual dress, and it offers a lot of versatility.  Which is great, because I don’t want to go the ballerina route.  Instead I thought of those cute little cupcake dolls I used to have as a kid – the ones with the big full skirts and the floppy cupcake hats.  They were even scented to smell like different sweets!  Anyway, I think it would be fun to transform my tutu into a cupcake inspired costume, using many of the items I already have laying around…what do you think?!
cupcake costume

Style board inspo for my costume 🙂  I already have the tutu, floppy hat, mint heels, etc.  And don’t you just loooooove the cupcake bag and earrings from Kate Spade?!

Here’s the dress itself, last time I wore it, for an evening event…styled very differently, but again I love the versatility.  Sorry for the blurry (super old iPhone) photos, lol.

cupcake dolls

Here are some pics of the actual cupcake dolls, sold in the early 90’s, then discontinued.  I legit loved these things.  You could flip their skirts inside-out and they would turn into sweet smelling cupcakes.  (You can still buy them here btw.)  I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, not that anyone else would necessarily get my cupcake reference.

I think I have a tendency towards super girly costumes, which is interesting because my personal style is definitely more edgy.  This totally reminds me of the year I dressed up as Marie Antoinette, inspired by Holly Madison of then Girls Next Door fame…DSCN0566

 I even bought my costume at Trashy Lingerie, where Holly originally had hers made.  Hubby and I partied on the Queen Mary in Long Beach that year…it was a fun weekend.

ANYWAY, hope you all have a wonderful Halloween weekend!!!  Feel free to share your own costume plans in the comments.