Festival Style: Split Leg Pants

For those of you who don’t know, this past weekend marked the first weekend of Coachella – a fact you pretty much can’t avoid living in southern California.  Though I would’ve killed to go even five years ago, I can safely say my music festival days are over.  Mommy and festival groupie don’t exactly go hand in hand. (Legit I’m not in my 20’s anymore!)  But that doesn’t mean I don’t dig festival style.  My college days were super boho and I definitely still hang on to some of that vibe.  So I love peeping all the looks out of Coachella Valley and even shopping some of the styles for those upcoming hot summer days.  For this look I styled split leg pants with a crochet top for a coffee date with friends – and I scored several compliments on my outfit along the way.

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Spring Denim: Cute & Cropped

I’m 100% into jeans for casual days.  I don’t always feature denim on the blog because I like to mix it up and showcase unique looks, but I definitely wear a lot of jeans when I’m running errands around town. One trend I really love in denim is the cropped flare.  They’ve been on the scene since last spring but it’s taken me a while to find a pair that work for my height…since I’m so short the crops are nearly full length on me. Funny but not funny.  I eventually bought a pair and cropped them myself for that raw hem look – but hey it worked!

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Athleisure Rock & Roll

Athleisure is a trend that’s been going strong the last few spring seasons, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  I feel like it started with leggings worn as casual wear for everyday use and now the trend has morphed into something much more encompassing.  Sweat pants, and especially joggers, are commonplace whether you’re working out or running to the store.  They’re even made to look “dressed-up” in a variety of prints and fabrics. Athleisure is a popular trend because, by and large, it’s a comfortable one.  Stretchy yoga pants are a better bet for brunch than your skin tight jeans.  Not to mention there’s a true convenience in heading from the gym to an appointment without a second thought.  Personally, I’m not crazy about the full-on athletic look unless I’m actually working out.  I am however on-board with adopting an athletic piece here and there to incorporate into a fabulous outfit.  Hence, this jumpsuit that I knew I had to have…

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Happy Halloween | Costume Idea + Throwback

Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays.  Growing up in a warm climate (South Florida) and now living in another warm climate, we don’t really “feel” the fall until late October.  In fact, like clockwork, the weather has just begun to turn cool.  So Halloween for me has always marked a change in seasons…a time when the hot summer sun finally lets up to cooler days.  Of course I love the spooky element, and the dress up element, and the fact that everyone seems to take it so seriously.  Halloween is one of those holidays where grownups get to act like kids.  (For my hubby it’s an excuse to munch on candy all week until the trick-or-treaters come and clean us out.)  I usually like to have something planned for the occasion, but unfortunately, this year my little (big) doggy isn’t well.  She just had major knee surgery and needs constant attention, so we can’t actually leave her for the night.  Instead we’ll probably sit outside on the front porch handing out candy, with our little baby resting on her bed nearby. Nonetheless, I got to thinking what I would wear in case I do feel like dressing up.  Since I didn’t plan a costume in advance, I wanted to pull something from my existing wardrobe, and I immediately thought of the pretty pink tutu dress I scooped up at BCBG some years back.  It’s sweet and simple and very much like a tutu except it’s an actual dress, and it offers a lot of versatility.  Which is great, because I don’t want to go the ballerina route.  Instead I thought of those cute little cupcake dolls I used to have as a kid – the ones with the big full skirts and the floppy cupcake hats.  They were even scented to smell like different sweets!  Anyway, I think it would be fun to transform my tutu into a cupcake inspired costume, using many of the items I already have laying around…what do you think?!
cupcake costume

Style board inspo for my costume 🙂  I already have the tutu, floppy hat, mint heels, etc.  And don’t you just loooooove the cupcake bag and earrings from Kate Spade?!

Here’s the dress itself, last time I wore it, for an evening event…styled very differently, but again I love the versatility.  Sorry for the blurry (super old iPhone) photos, lol.

cupcake dolls

Here are some pics of the actual cupcake dolls, sold in the early 90’s, then discontinued.  I legit loved these things.  You could flip their skirts inside-out and they would turn into sweet smelling cupcakes.  (You can still buy them here btw.)  I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, not that anyone else would necessarily get my cupcake reference.

I think I have a tendency towards super girly costumes, which is interesting because my personal style is definitely more edgy.  This totally reminds me of the year I dressed up as Marie Antoinette, inspired by Holly Madison of then Girls Next Door fame…DSCN0566

 I even bought my costume at Trashy Lingerie, where Holly originally had hers made.  Hubby and I partied on the Queen Mary in Long Beach that year…it was a fun weekend.

ANYWAY, hope you all have a wonderful Halloween weekend!!!  Feel free to share your own costume plans in the comments.

Vacation Packing For Florida

I’m heading off to Florida again tomorrow night!  To be honest, my dad is not in the best of health, so he asked me to fly back for another visit (I was just there in March).  But at least this time he’s out of the hospital and looking forward to enjoying some time with me and my hubby.  Florida is not a traditional vacation for me since I was born and raised there (in a tiny beach town halfway between Miami and Palm Beach).  But it’s still a nice resorty area and I will definitely sneak in some time for relaxation and meals with old friends.  Traveling there at this time of year is always a bit of a challenge because it will be SUPER hot and SUPER humid.  When I was there in March it was lovely, but not so for the end of May.  Hence I’ll be packing a lot of lightweight, airy pieces and of course a swimsuit or two…


FL Collage 1We’ll be there exactly one week so I don’t need to bring a ton of stuff, but there are some key pieces I wouldn’t do without.  I just scooped up this boxy printed crop top at H&M.  It’s from the Conscious Collection and the material is super soft and light.  I’ll probably pair it with some crochet shorts or slouchy cropped joggers.  I’m also in love with the kimono/tank combo I scored at Kohl’s last month. Such a pretty print to pair with denim cutoffs (or simply throw the kimono over your swimsuit)!  And of course a resort vacation wouldn’t be complete without at least one maxi dress.  Stripes are a classic choice.  This dress is great because it’s loose and airy.  A bikini is an obvious must, and I love this floral embroidered suit from Topshop.  I also bought this adorable palm print sundress from H&M.  The fit is lovely, and it’s a perfect Florida piece that I’m really looking forward to wearing.


FL Collage 2

I try to be smart about accessories, especially for shorter trips.  No need to bring more than three pairs of shoes and two handbags, if you choose wisely.  For this trip I’ll definitely bring my strappy black gladiators, some trendy flat espadrilles, and a nice neutral wedge.  Between the three, I’ll have shoe options for all of my outfits!  I’ll bring one handbag in a pop of color and the Rebecca Minkoff MAB is a great choice.  It’s classic, and big enough for all my stuff, so this is probably the purse I’ll carry on my flight.  Then I only have to worry about packing a smaller bag, and I like the idea of a leopard crossbody.  The leopard is essentially neutral, but a little more exciting, and the small size makes is easy to dress up for an evening out.  Of course I can’t forget sunglasses, which are a must no matter where I go.  I love love love two-tone sunglasses in black and white because I feel like they go with everything. This pair is beyond cute!  I always take my grey suede DVF luggage everywhere I go.  That set is sold out now, but I absolutely adore this option, also by DVF.  I might have to scoop it up as a back-up!

Stay tuned, because I’ll make an effort to shoot most of these looks while I’m there, and I’ll definitely post what I’ve got when I get back 🙂

Trend To Try: Sporty Chic


Working as a professional stylist, I live eat breath fashion, so of course I keep on top of trends.  I do not believe style should be defined by trends, but I do think it’s important to know what’s “in”, whether you’re going to try it or not.  I think the best way to embrace a trend is to make it your own, rather than wearing it the way you see everyone else wearing it.  Athletic inspired style is one of those looks that’s been trending for a while, and it’s especially popular now in the spring season.  I like the cute but relaxed feel of a sporty ensemble, and think it’s a down-to-earth, relatable look.  Here I styled a slouchy athletic tee with a leather trim skater skirt.  For many people, this outfit might have been great with “fashion sneakers”, but that’s one component of the look you would NOT see me wearing.  As previously mentioned, I’m super short, and sneakers do nothing for me…I will literally only wear them if I’m running or hiking and have no choice.  So instead, I went for some fun wedge sandals that have a bit of a sporty vibe.  That’s what I mean about making an outfit your own – do what works for you and your body!

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Top & Skirt: Banana Republic /  Shoes: GX by Gwen Stefani / Bag: Kate Spade / Necklaces: BaubleBar & JewelMint

Photography by Jessica Kircher