Eliza J | Little Striped Dress

Blue and white stripes are an iconic springtime print.  Last spring I went crazy looking for a little striped dress.  I tried on tons and couldn’t find a single one I liked.  Then this spring rolled around and I found several…so I splurged and bought a few different styles.  This one from Eliza J is a favorite because it was a perfect fit off the rack.  Eliza J specializes in pretty little dresses and offers a wide selection in petite sizes. You can’t shop directly from their site, but many of their designs are stocked at Nordstrom in regular, petite, and plus.  This particular dress is a great choice because it’s versatile.  I wore it as a day dress with strappy flat sandals, then stepped it up for the evening with nude heels and statement earrings.

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On The Way To Old Baldy

I’ve blogged before about Mount San Antonio, the highest peak in Southern California, standing tall at 10,064 feet.  I live in the suburbs outside LA right at the base of this lovely mountain, more affectionately known as Mount Baldy.  It’s a 20 minute drive from my house to Mount Baldy Lodge, where you can grab a bite to eat or rent a cabin for your weekend getaway.  Drive a bit farther and you’ll enter the Angeles National Forest where you can hike for miles along a mountain stream.  Keep going and eventually you’ll reach the ski lifts – great for a quick ski day after a winter snowfall.  Because it’s so very close I head to Baldy often.  Usually for lunch at the lodge on their outdoor patio (or inside near the fire if it’s wintertime). When the weather is good I’ll hike the famed Ice House Canyon Trail, though I’ve never made it the full eight miles, not just because the hike is long but also because it’s a strenuous uphill battle.  On this particular day I was heading up to the lodge for lunch when I was struck by beautiful yellow flowers covering the mountainside.  We were blessed with heavy rainfall this past winter, which has brought so much color to our desert landscape.

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Spring Style Mashup: Outfits & Exposés

True story – a few months ago I got braces, and I haven’t posted since because I hate the way I look.  It’s pretty sad because I’ve shot plenty of outfits, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to post them. I feel like my whole face looks different.  My mouth definitely does, and it’s just too weird.  So I’ve been staring at these photos on and off for months, wondering what to do.  I straight up contemplated giving up blogging for the next year and half, but the problem is I like it too much and I’m not eager to quit.  So I’ve concluded that I have to suck it up and deal with my new look if I want to keep going. This isn’t easy for me because I’m image conscious (duh!) and I feel so awkward with braces – they’re ugly, and my mouth looks all poofy, and I feel like I’m 12 years old. PLUS if I want to get glammed up and wear lipstick, it draws even more attention to the problem.  And that’s just the superficial side of things – I’m not even addressing all the pain and discomfort at this point!  That being said, I’m absolutely loving what’s new this spring, and I don’t want to miss out on the fun…

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I Love Polyvore x 3

Okay sooooo…I’ve been a Polyvore member for years now (since 2010) and when I first discovered the site I was OBSESSED.  The problem is that it can become consuming, so my usage goes in waves…sometimes I’m just too busy to go there.  Honestly though, it’s a really great tool for creating fashion collages for your blog, or (as a stylist) style inspiration for a client!  And sometimes I just feel the need to get creative and make a set.  That’s where Polyvore contests can serve as a fun incentive.  When I do have some spare time, and feel like getting artsy, I’ll check and see what contests Polyvore is running. Last week I felt like unwinding a bit, so I entered three contests in one night.  The contests are hard to win because there are usually thousands of entrants, but I just do it for the experience of designing to a theme and seeing how it goes!  I wanted to share my recent work, and spread the word about Polyvore, if you aren’t already a user…

First Set: How Will You Style Your Favorite Spring Trend? (in partnership with LuckyShops) I’m all about shades of blue this spring, and I continue to love the midi skirt with a crop top look – it’s kind of sporty, kind of fem, or at least that’s the direction I took it in.  This contest is still running, so you can enter too, and possibly win a $500 gift card from LuckyShops!

True Blue & Neutral



Second Set: TV Style Icon (Who is your ultimate TV style icon? Pick an actress who always looks great on the small screen and borrow her style!)  Okay, so seriously, sometimes I think I watch Pretty Little Liars just to see what the girls are wearing.  I love how each liar has her own unique style, but Hanna’s in particular speaks to me because she’s not afraid to be sexy and play with color.  Here I created a look that I felt like her character would be happy wearing.

Hanna Marin Inspired Style



Third Set: Ahoy, There! Nautical Style (Grab your fave striped piece and let it guide you toward a cute nautical look. Are you on board for this trend?)  There’s nothing better than a striped tee IMO.  Here I styled it with a casual chic denim skirt and some super cute red sandals.  The overall effect is nautical inspired but not over the top!

Nautical Chic



I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Do you use Polyvore?  If not, do you plan to check it out after reading this post? Trust me, it’s fun.