Spring Style Mashup: Outfits & Exposés

True story – a few months ago I got braces, and I haven’t posted since because I hate the way I look.  It’s pretty sad because I’ve shot plenty of outfits, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to post them. I feel like my whole face looks different.  My mouth definitely does, and it’s just too weird.  So I’ve been staring at these photos on and off for months, wondering what to do.  I straight up contemplated giving up blogging for the next year and half, but the problem is I like it too much and I’m not eager to quit.  So I’ve concluded that I have to suck it up and deal with my new look if I want to keep going. This isn’t easy for me because I’m image conscious (duh!) and I feel so awkward with braces – they’re ugly, and my mouth looks all poofy, and I feel like I’m 12 years old. PLUS if I want to get glammed up and wear lipstick, it draws even more attention to the problem.  And that’s just the superficial side of things – I’m not even addressing all the pain and discomfort at this point!  That being said, I’m absolutely loving what’s new this spring, and I don’t want to miss out on the fun…

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Maxi Dress Madness

I’m a huge fan of maxi dresses as it is, but since getting pregnant, I can’t get enough of them.  They’re super comfy and flattering (between the sumer heat and my growing belly).  This one (like most of my preggo clothes) is from H&M, and due to the drapey, voluminous style, I only had to size up to a 4 for it to fit comfortably.  At this rate I’ll probably be able to wear many of my pregnancy purchases even after giving birth – so much better than investing in a bunch of maternity clothes I’ll never wear again!!  I wore this dress recently to dinner with family and friends…

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Fancy Yachts & Paradise Palms

Sorry for the delay on this post!!  I’ve been hosting a bunch of family since last weekend and things have been hectic.  This is another look from my trip to the harbor with hubby.  It was truly such a pleasant staycation.  After soaking in the sunset by the water, we grabbed a late dinner downtown.  San Pedro is a really cute town with a lot of history and diversity.

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How To Layer Your Maxi Dress For Cool Weather

The transition from winter to spring has begun, but the temperatures aren’t quite rising yet.  I felt like getting creative with a strapless maxi, so I styled it here for colder weather.  I just bought this dress on sale at Macy’s.  It’s by Denim & Supply, and the fabric is really soft and flowing.  The print is more wintery, but the top of the dress is low-cut and strapless which isn’t ideal for January, even here in So Cal.  Rather than going the obvious route and adding a jacket, I styled it first with a sweater (for cooler temperatures) and then a simple tee (for milder temperatures).


First I layered the dress with a chunky sweater then added a statement pendant to anchor the look.  My feet kept warm and cozy with fleece socks and moto boots.  These are my current fave boots (by Dolce Vita), I’ve been wearing them all winter!  For truly cold weather, you could make this work by adding thick tights and topping off with a long (calf-length) coat.


For warmer climates, a tee shirt works wonders!  It’s the perfect bit of something extra if you don’t want bare arms.  I liked the idea of pairing navy with black and red, so I opted for this cute v-neck tee with a pocket (adds a little interest to boot).  However this shirt is actually quite long and slouchy, so I “cropped” it by ruching it up and securing the back.  (Use a hairband to secure then tuck in the tail and it will stay put all day.)  The fit is much more flattering when the tee nips in at your natural waist.  It would not have looked good if I wore the shirt loose, trust me.  In this case I accessorized with shimmering jewel earrings and some fabulous wedge sandals.  I love these wedges by Joe’s Jeans…they’re super cozy and sturdy!

ALSO, I’m in love with Lime Crime’s velvetine lipstick in “cashmere” which I wore for this shoot.  If you like nude and/or matte lips you will adore this color so seriously BUY IT NOW!!