On The Way To Old Baldy

I’ve blogged before about Mount San Antonio, the highest peak in Southern California, standing tall at 10,064 feet.  I live in the suburbs outside LA right at the base of this lovely mountain, more affectionately known as Mount Baldy.  It’s a 20 minute drive from my house to Mount Baldy Lodge, where you can grab a bite to eat or rent a cabin for your weekend getaway.  Drive a bit farther and you’ll enter the Angeles National Forest where you can hike for miles along a mountain stream.  Keep going and eventually you’ll reach the ski lifts – great for a quick ski day after a winter snowfall.  Because it’s so very close I head to Baldy often.  Usually for lunch at the lodge on their outdoor patio (or inside near the fire if it’s wintertime). When the weather is good I’ll hike the famed Ice House Canyon Trail, though I’ve never made it the full eight miles, not just because the hike is long but also because it’s a strenuous uphill battle.  On this particular day I was heading up to the lodge for lunch when I was struck by beautiful yellow flowers covering the mountainside.  We were blessed with heavy rainfall this past winter, which has brought so much color to our desert landscape.

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Fancy Yachts & Paradise Palms

Sorry for the delay on this post!!  I’ve been hosting a bunch of family since last weekend and things have been hectic.  This is another look from my trip to the harbor with hubby.  It was truly such a pleasant staycation.  After soaking in the sunset by the water, we grabbed a late dinner downtown.  San Pedro is a really cute town with a lot of history and diversity.

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspo Lookbook

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I know most people make plans for the occasion, I wanted to offer three different perspectives on potential outfit combos.  These looks work whether for a first date, dinner with your longtime significant other, or even a girls’ night celebration.  Which one would you go for?  I guess it depends on the venue, and of course your personal preferences.  I have plans for dinner with my hubby, and will likely opt for something along the lines of the “fun & flirty” floral dress.  Though honestly, I LOVE all these looks!!



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Tuesday Shoeday: Dolce Vita

I absolutely adore Dolce Vita for shoes.  For a long time they also made apparel, but it appears they’ve phased that out to focus on what they do best.  They offer two lines – their main line, Dolce Vita, and the slightly lower priced but still very appealing DV.  I own shoes from both.  The designs are similar though the quality of fabric tends to be a bit higher with Dolce Vita versus DV.  I’m happy with all my Dolce Vita shoes…the DV line may not be as high quality, but they’re definitely budget friendly and still super cute.  Sooooo here are some of my top picks for spring, straight from the Dolce Vita website.

Annnnddddd here are some of my very own shoes, from previous appearances on the blog…

DV by Dolce Vita sandals (older style)

DV by Dolce Vita sandals (older style)

Dolce Vita wedges (I adore these shoes!)

Dolce Vita wedges – I adore the bright blue suede with gold detail.

The Dolce Vita "Kleat" bootie - I'm in love with these and wore them all winter.

The Dolce Vita “Kleat” bootie – I’m in love with these and wore them all winter long.  On sale for a killer price at 6pm!!

Slouchy Pants With A Crop Top

I’m a huge proponent of experimenting with style!  I don’t believe in “playing it safe” and I love trying out different looks to suit my mood.  When I spotted these faux-leather slouchy pants (at Nordstrom Rack) I knew I had to have them, and because they’re slightly higher waisted, I figured they’d pair well with a crop top…DSC01590DSC01597DSC01601DSC01617DSC01625DSC01636

I love the addition of the sequined striped jacket to add a graphic element and incorporate different textures.  I knew I’d want to wear my Dolce Vita moto boots with these pants and the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC provides just the right pop of color.  I was super stoked with how this outfit came together and couldn’t wait to wear it out.  I topped off the look with a pop of dark red (MAC Viva Glam) lipstick. I’m totally happy doing ladylike one day and sporty chic the next.  What do you think?  How do you like to experiment with your style??  Would love to hear your thoughts!  Xo

Photography by Jessica Kircher