So Cal (Wannabe) Winter

Just a brief post to say hello!  My blog has been quiet for a looooong while as last year was one of the hardest of my life.  As many of you know my dad passed away, and it wasn’t a quick and painless goodbye.  To watch a parent suffer with cancer and slowly waste away – his last weeks are something I mostly wish I could forget though I know I never will.  I spent a couple of months quietly grieving and trying to decompress.  Even now the grief comes in waves and I miss him everyday.  Couple that with the fact that all of last year was an adjustment in terms of being a new mom.  It’s a 24/7 responsibility and it’s no joke.  To top it off, I couldn’t even relax over the holidays as I had to plan and prep for a two month trip to Europe.  Sounds great, but not when you’re location hopping in foreign countries with a feisty one-year-old and all her gear.  I spent most of the year feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Not depressed but seriously burnt out.  Although I love blogging, it wasn’t the first thing on my mind…

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Winter Wrap Dress + Fuzzy Uggs

I know that Uggs are controversial.  Some “fashion people” really don’t like them.  They’re either too clunky, or too casual, or simply too mainstream.  I do not fall into that category.  I dig them because as far as I’m concerned they’re super practical when winter comes round.  I’m not a fan of running around in heels when it’s cold and rainy outside.  Though you’d never catch me in sneakers or ballet flats, boots are my one exception to the no flats rule. I love wearing them with leggings and a chunky sweater, but I’ll also rock my Uggs with a dress.

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OTK Boot Obsession

I am seriously obsessed with boots.  Living in So Cal, where the weather is warm most of the year, I don’t get to wear them as much as I’d like…but when winter rolls around I pretty much ignore all my other shoes.  Our coldest months tend to be January and February, so now is my time to make the most of it.  Being short, I own a lot of ankle boots (or booties) that fit more like shoes and don’t cut my leg in an awkward place.  I do struggle more with mid-calf styles.  However, I absolutely LOVE over-the-knee boots.  My obsession with OTK boots began several years back, when they first started trending really hard.  I loved the badass vibe they evoked, but wasn’t so sure that they’d work for me given my height.  Shopping online, I spotted a pair from Report that looked totally rock-and-roll (and way more expensive than they actually were), so I took the risk and ordered them.  It was probably one of the best purchases I ever made, as I couldn’t love those boots more (pictured below).  I even wore them when I competed on air for the title of Macy’s Next Style Star!

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Mt. Baldy | Snow Day & Rockslide Drama

I lived in the heart of LA for nearly a decade (and loved every minute of it).  But more recently, when it came time to settle down and buy a house, my hubby and I decided on the suburbs – 1. Because he works in the suburbs and a five minute commute is better than a two hour commute.  2. Because it’s cheaper, DUH.  So now we live in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, about 45 minutes from the city (if traffic is light).  It’s a bit quieter, but definitely still busy enough. In our particular case, we live right as the base of the highest peak of the San Gabriels, Mount San Antonio, or more commonly Mount Baldy.  In fact, we have a gorgeous view of the mountain right from our doorstep…


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Holiday Plans | London Bound

For those of you who know me or follow my blog, you’ll know that my hubby is British.  He moved to the US about 20 years ago now, and is a dual British/US citizen.  ALL his family however is back in the UK.  He’s super close with them (mom, siblings, and extended family too, not to mention a daughter with his ex) so we make frequent trips across the pond.  We have an arrangement where we spend every other Christmas in England, and we’ll be leaving tomorrow.  It gives me a great excuse to shop for winter clothes that I wouldn’t normally need here in Cali.  I’ve spent the last month stockpiling wooly sweaters and plaid scarves 🙂  I usually plan my packing in advance – even if I don’t actually pack, I plan all the outfits in my head.  I’ve been so many times that I have a sort of system down.  We also tend to visit in the summer, and though the items I pack are different, the idea is the same.


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