Two-Piece Chic In Chambray

This next look is not exactly a dress – it’s more like a maxi skirt with a crop top. However, when the top and bottom match (or complement one another), it’s often referred to as a two-piece dress.  This outfit didn’t come as a set, but I knew the items would pair well. Dusty blue with white is a classic color combo, and I love the contrasting textures. I wanted to showcase this variation on a traditional maxi dress because the “two-piece dress” is very in right now.  It’s a great option for a vacation getaway, or in my case, something as simple as brunch with friends.  I love that dressing up is part of my job – and there’s nothing wrong with dressing up for everyday events no matter who you are and what you do!


This whole outfit is so much fun, from the bright beaded necklace to the floppy straw hat.  But the flowing chambray skirt is truly the centerpiece.  I love the cascading ruffles and the little tie at the waist.  It’s available in both regular and petite lengths – though in this case I ordered the regular because I knew I’d want to wear it with heels.  (I’m a size 0 and I’m wearing an xxs for reference.)  There’s an exact match crop top if you’d rather go that route, but I like to mix things up a bit.  My adorable crochet heels are also available at 40% off via 6pm so get on it!


Crop TopCrochet Heels / Chambray Skirt


On another note, I’d like to wish all the wonderful mamas out there a Happy Mother’s Day.  This is my second Mother’s Day as a mom, and I can definitely say motherhood has changed my perspective for the better.  When I found out I was pregnant two years ago, I didn’t even want to be a mom, and now I can’t imagine life without my daughter.  I adore her beyond what I could ever express.  Juggling motherhood with all the other aspects of life is challenging, but my heart is filled with so much love and joy for my child. We’ll be gathering for brunch with family tomorrow. (Legit, brunch is my favorite.)  I’m so fortunate that we’ll be able to celebrate with four generations this Mother’s Day, as my grandmother (Bianca’s great grandmother) is still alive and well at 93!  A few weeks ago, both my mother and grandmother happened to be around while I was shooting outfits for the blog, and my lovely photographer snapped a few impromptu pictures of all four generations together.  I will definitely treasure these photos and share them with Bianca one day when she can appreciate them.

Luisa031218_Brittni Moten-123Luisa031218_Brittni Moten-128

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